The Art of Selling

Dated: April 15 2021

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The Art of Selling: How McDonald’s sold me a dream twice and I had to go to Disneyland to learn to dream again?


I was watching a movie on a plane ride which was about a woman who was just betrayed by her boyfriend. She committed her entire life to him and even went to prison for a crime that he committed. She went to look for him after she was released from prison. she found out that he has already moved on with another woman. Now lost and aimless, she takes the train towards her hometown. Next to her was an enthusiastic man who was telling everyone how he discovered an alien site in the north part of the country. He was telling them what he saw and how he was treated by the government. He was even enticing everyone that they could be part of the humans who will first encounter the aliens if they go there now! He mentions how he is on the way there now and how everyone should follow suit. The main character being hopeless now decide to follow him. Halfway on the journey, he told her that it was a made-up story. He is just a small business owner in a remote area where there isn’t any business or life. He wanted some attention, so he made up the story. 

I’m sure we can all relate. We are all lost and hopeless at one point in time. We as humans always want something to look forward to. That was the case with me when I graduated college. I was unsure about life, so I went to look for answers in the best source available, books. My first book was Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book radiated my spirits while reading as it provided me with answers to the questions that I went to school to try to solve. It is as if I awoke a determined journeyman.  I finished reading the book with a sense of direction and embarked on a journey to pursue financial freedom, the same target that my family has been pursuing as long as I know. Years later, I found out that Rich Dad Poor Dad was being criticized for being a myth that ends up costing a lot of people a lot of money. Rich Dad Poor Dad Corporation also filed for bankruptcy. Upon finding out, I was already equipped financially, read over 100 finance, investing, business, economics, marketing, and business-related books. I have also gained a lot of business experience through real-world practice. Myth it may be, the myth ignited 10 years of learning during my 20s. I can say I am business seasoned and personal financially savvy thanks to the sales pitch. A lot of other people garnered similar success with this myth.

McDonald's, the mega-corporation that helps build a lot of uneducated millionaires. Work hard, save enough money and start a McDonald's. The average franchise brings in $1-2 million in annual revenue. The worse managed McDonald's still has a 10 percent net business margin after all expenses. That’s $100,000-$200,000 or guaranteed timeless income. McDonald’s has brand recognition and the has most eaten food. It does all of the marketing and most importantly it is available to the public at a cost of $2 million (1 million in personal liquid asset and another to start the franchise)! Save $2 million and go to hamburger university. You are guaranteed to be set for life and earn a passive income! The promise resonated with my soul. This time it requires me to invest in riskier ventures than the real estate route describe in Rich Dad Poor Dad. Years later, McDonald’s stock went down as fewer consumers are eating hamburgers and switching to a more Chipotle-style custom order style of fast food. McDonald’s franchisees are also contracting as same-store sales have gone down. The cost of a franchise can range from $3-6 million in cities such as NYC. McDonald’s corporate has discontinued non-owner-operated franchises which means goodbye to the passive part. This time around I have already started a family, financially stable, read another 50 books on higher-level business topics, have a deeper understanding of how small businesses work, and met a lot of different small business owners, SBA organization, and business partners. Remax, the franchise that’s number 3 on the most recognized franchise list right after McDonald’s and 7/11.

ReMax has the training to help you become a $1 million-dollar producer! Tired of making money in the low 6 figures? Want to take your career to the next level? Come to ReMax, we have the latest tools and resources to help bring you to the next level. You will also be personally coached and trained by the number 1 producer of your county for the last few years. Two years down the line, it is the same as all the other big franchises, Remax makes money by hiring more agents and having them pay more franchise fees. Becoming a million-dollar producer on average takes 19-20 years. Oops, we forgot to disclose that. This time around, I wasn’t so lucky. I actually committed financially and was taken back a few steps financially. On the positive note, I learned a lot of business lessons and experiences, network with a diversified group of professionals, attended major events with an introduction to the latest breakthrough in the field, familiarize myself with the best practical business tactics (as most of my knowledge has been through books up until this point), and most importantly recreate a more methodical small business.

Technology is disrupting every field; Silicon Valley has the most billionaires in the world and young kids graduating college are getting series A funding and becoming billionaires! Silicon Valley is changing the world and creating the future! Technology is the way to go! I embarked on a new journey to try to find out the best way to make my industry more efficient. Six months later, read 5 major books, met 100’s of entrepreneurs, attended 20 entrepreneurial and technology-related events, study some of the best technology business models, met new friends and start-up partners, and most importantly gained a realistic perspective of technology, its current state, and influences. Still lost, what do I do?

Disney World, the place where dreams are started, and happiness can be found! At this point, I was tired of sales pitches as they all turn out to be realistically improbable and require years of hard work, and even with such commitment, it is becoming implausible or borderline impossible for most. What should I commit myself to? The one with the highest chance of success? The most promising? The one I am most passionate about? Wait! What am I passionate about? These are all questions that were perplexing me for the months to follow as I try to rediscover myself. The first time, I went to Disney I left reinvigorated with a new sense of motivation and purpose. This time around, I lodged at Mickey’s magical kingdom for 5 nights and still wasn’t blessed with his majesty’s magic. 

I refuse to give in and went for a nighttime walk during the last night at Disney with an early flight the next morning. I heard a melodious composition of sounds reverberating to my ears and beguiling the soul. It was piano music. I met a young professional who was attending a business meeting. He was playing such good music I had to stay to listen. The sound attracted two other young men who came and sat with me. The 3 of us sat there listening to our mini concert like children. That ordeal lasted for 3 hours. When I got back, it was already too late. Two other sales pitch has gotten to me and now I am rejuvenated with the determination that once gave me the courage for tribulations. I have resumed my journey towards mastery; this time passion also joined the fun.

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